1 Stop Smoke Shop

E-pens and juice, cigars and wraps,
glass for dry herb, hookahs and shisha,
CBD and accessories

1713 San Pedro Rd NE
at Constitution
(505) 702-9965

10am-8pm Mon-Thurs
10am-10pm Fri & Sat
11am-6pm Sunday

All the lastest stuff -
G-Pens, CBD, cigars, vapes, hookahs, shisha,
glass for dry herb and all the supplies.

Established in 2002
Re-opened in 2018

Buy and sample right in the shop.
It's a smoke-in store.

There is a good supply of popular cigars -
natural leaf and small stogies-cigarellos,
a few brands of cigarettes, CBD pre-rolls, wraps,
papers, shisha and E-juice to smoke.

Try a couple of different things,
take home what you really like.
From old school wraps to space age vapes.

CBD is, by far, the most healthy smoke,
especially in the vape tincture/oil cartridge form,
with actual healing properties.
The shop has a good selection of CBD products,

including creams, salves, pre-rolls, supplements, dry herb,
tinctures and more.

Their beverages include chilled sugar free,
vegan, CBD, coconut Mojito infused water
with Several flavors to choose from.

One Stop Smoke Shop
is just the place for the knowledgable
smoker or the first time curious visiter.
If you have been intimidated in the past,
but are also curious, a smoker, want to
check out the trending culture,
want control over your pain and
anxiety, support local business or
to grab a few things on your way home.
One Stop is just the place.
Easy access, ample parking,
friendly, knowledgeble,
discreet and patient staff.
Smoke em' if you got em'

If you don't got em', get over to